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Web Design

Web Design is my dream carrier. Just not me Maybe you and your and yours! Many dreamers have this web design. Many people dream of becoming successful as a web designer. Maybe you have seen. I saw it, I still see.

web design

Dreams are not just about watching. Fulfillment in the fulfillment of dreams. In life, the person is successful and successful that fulfilled his dream. We see many dreams. All may not be met. But to try to blame? Can not say at least! I have tried to fulfill my dream. Your dream will be a successful person like Mark Zuckerberg. But did you think once? Have you ever tried to fulfill this dream? So imagine how your dreams will be fulfilled? Imagine how you will succeed? Many people did not want to try but to lack adequate guideline or to make any other problems. Or did not succeed even after trying.

Your success will depend entirely on your efforts and hard work.

If you want to fulfill your dreams, you will find success.

Creating a Career in Your Dream Web Design You dream of being the best web designer in the world. You dream of becoming the best web designer in Bangladesh. And try to fulfill those dreams. Your goal will be to find out your dreams, successes.

I will write a series of tunes in the web design. Do not do, what to do, how to do, why do so hope to get answers to many more questions. Those who do not understand web design, will try to explain them easily. Patiencefully take time to read tunes. I’m saying “do not have to be frustrated” Must definitely benefit. And if anyone gets benefit from my tune, I am successful.

What is web design?

The first common question that comes in the mind of a human being, is that web design?

Web design by creating a visible part of a website.

WebDesign is what you can see on a website. What will be the look of a website, its background color, whether there is a picture in the background, whether there is a picture. How big is the text, what style it will be, what color will it be Etc. to determine the web design. Work on web design work on the visible part of the website. For example, Facebook, its color blue, on the left side is a picture or a lot of time. Login box above. Sineap box right. See Google again There is nothing to do with this. Sometimes a logo and a search box below it. Why is it different to look at every such website? Because of their design. Every website is designed differently. There are special unique designs with special features of each.

How to do web design?

Web is designed using some languages. These languages ​​can speak the language of the computer or the language of the webpage. People have different languages, they understand their language. Likewise, web pages have different languages ​​and they understand that language. He will do what he says in that language. If it is said to change your color then it will change it. You have to learn or learn these languages ​​if you want to design the web. And these languages ​​are written on computer and web pages are created. A website with a few web pages. Many times there may be a website with just one page.

This is stated in Webcoachbd.com:

What is Web Design?

Web design is an external structure for a website. Web Designer’s main job is to create a template for the site (webpage), there will be no application here. Such as login system, newsletter signup, paging, file uploading, saving of database, image manipulation, if there are ads on the site, ads are changed every time the pages are loaded, the applications, web applications. These are to be created by programming languages. It is the web design that can be created without any type of application, such design can be called static design. This concept is commonly used for web design.

Design or development?

The first mistake we make is to confuse web design and development. Web design and web development are completely different things. I told that the web design was. Actually what do we mean by design? Creating something, designing, and creating a visible part of a webpage is creating web design. And web development is the creation of the website ie the power to work. Check out a simple and fun example, here’s the car’s website

Suppose to build a car. Now a car will look like what it looks like, height, width, color, etc. And according to that the car will be built. Now the car that has been designed and made is web designers and web design by making this car design.

In a vehicle, the engine is equipped with all its pairs, engine, light, etc. to make the car suitable for running. How the car will work, what will be the key to work. Turn around and turn around. He decided everything. In this case, he is the web developer. And in this car, it is web development.

What will be the look of Facebook, where the pictures will be, where the chat box will be, where will the home button, what color will be, etc., the work of web design. And if you write the status on Facebook, it will be accessible to everyone, by logging in with email password and logging in. By clicking on something like this, a liking will be added and the owner’s notification will go away, etc. Development work.

Have more doubts?

Suppose you can see a man. He has his hands, legs, head, cheeks face, nice to see. That’s his design. Again you can see that he can walk, speak, do different things, play, ask him to do something, answer any questions. This is its development.

I hope you understand that. Do not confuse design or development anymore. And it has also been understood that web development is difficult to web development? It is easy to make a man (idol) with soil, but it is not easy to die (in this case it is not possible, used as an example)
This is stated in Webcoachbd.com:

What is Web Development?
Web development is the application for the website. Login system, newsletter signup, paging, uploading file to database, image manipulation, if there are ads on the site, then the ads are changed every time the pages are loaded, the applications, web applications. There are thousands of such apps in the application that I have mentioned, the web developer must create these applications. If you are freelancing then there may also be an application created according to the demand of the client, which does not exist in the world. This issue is more challenging and dynamic. For the sake of the application you have to design That is why Web Development is more specific Web application development.
Now you do not learn web designs to learn web development. If the decision is ‘Web Design’ then keep reading the tune. Of course if you want to develop and learn web development you also need to know the best web design. That means there is no alternative! So be a designer and developer … tune down, be benefitted. I’ll get you started by hand and show the road to success. Then you have to walk the rest of your way. However, I will tell the system what to do and stumble in the middle. So continue to tune the chin with the rope and keep it tuned.

Why Web Designer?

After knowing about web design, the first question you want to think about is why I’m a web designer? Is my profit to become a web designer? Must have profits! Does anyone ever work without profit? Maybe you do not. So, letting you raise your fingers, your interest in web design will increase a lot – Guarantee !!!

Let’s first come back to the context of income. That’s your first thought! How much will my income learn web design? Well, let’s get some information

A web designer’s average salary is $ 77,000. The minimum salary is 40,000 dollars and the maximum salary is $ 85,000.

Some high paying countries

Philadelphia, PA: $ 79,717
San Francisco, CA: $ 79,551
New York, NY: $ 77,475
Some low-paying countries

San Juan, Puerto Rico: $ 48,965
Greensboro, NC: $ 55,489
Burlington, VT: $ 57,052
References – about.com and indeed.com
A Web Designer’s salary ranges from Tk 15,000 to 50000 taka in any firm in Bangladesh.

Now the desire to become a web designer has increased strength? 😀 Darn … there is more left!

There is a chance to work at Freelance Market Place. You can work in Freelance Market Place as a freelancer. At Freelance Market Place, a web designer’s rate can be up to a maximum of $ 50 (approx)! Rough rates are 4-5 dollars per hour (good quality web designer). That means every day working 5 hours a day, $ 25 a day and 600 dollars a month, or about 48 thousand rupees

(Freelancing, Market Place and Odesk are discussed in detail in the 5th episode.)

Besides, you can blog on web design or earn money by writing more than 50000 thousand rupees a month. You can earn an article by typing an article or tune your own blog. If you own blog then you can earn good income from Google Adsense. I can see this tune about: simultaneously learn web designs and earn well – “secret mystery”

There are also many more opportunities to work as a web designer. You can start a business. You can sell by making a variety of themes. You can sell different effects. You can sell website leverages. You can work online at any foreinn office.

You will have a free independent career. There will be an advanced career. A different identity will be created in the virtual world. Receive the reverence

How To Be A Web Designer

Before becoming a web designer you need to know about web design. Good understanding about web design is understandable. I hope I can understand this on tune. Now you think, do you like web design? Are you really interested in this? If this is the reason for good or interest, just forget about earning or money, then forget about learning web design or becoming a web designer. And if you truly love your web design and have the interest. Then you can be a web designer.

To be a web designer, you have to prepare yourself first. I discussed the next episode of a tune with how to prepare myself.

At first you have to learn to work. There is a lot of work to be done. There is no substitute for labor. You must work hard to succeed in any work. Take a look at web design. More about web design

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