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Real View Software | For Get 100% Genuine Bangladeshi View On Website And Youtube Free Premium Account

Before installing, check out Real View Software Features

1. Only Bangladeshi users use this software. As a result, you will get 100% Bangladeshi visitors and views.

2. This user’s user will be automatically typed through the automatic script and will visit your website or YouTube.
As a result, traffic on your website or YouTube will be direct (which is actually possible by typing url on the browser). Only for Premium Account, which lets you see the method to get free.

3. Get 100% Genuine and Unique Visitors. Only one account can be opened from each IP. If a user visits your website or youtube video once, then your website will not be shown for a second time.

4. If you want the new YouTube user to get 100% genuine view from this software. No one is able to catch the viewer because the browser is coming automatically by typing Youtube link in the browser.

5. This software will automatically banned their accounts and IPs, who will try to get some chit without being able to visit them. As a result, they will not be able to open accounts for the second time.

6. You can earn this minute by automatically downloading other users’ websites and youtube via this software. And you can use these minutes to bring visitors to your website or YouTube.

7. Each visit will be the Original and Legal Visas. Because this software opens every website open in front of you.

Software Download Link

Real-view-setup.exe (46 MB)

If your PC does not have Microsoft Visual C ++ installed then the software may not run.

If you do not run correctly View Real View Software (32 bit / 64 bit) according to your PC, Microsoft Visual C ++

Download Visual C ++:   32 bit Download (14 mb)           64 bit Download (14 mb)

How to open a Premium account?

1. If you install the software, open Real View from the desktop.

2. Click Create Account to open a new account.

3. Sign up with email and password.

4. If you sign up, you will see a message like this. Click Here to Activate Your Account.

5. A new message will arrive. Click here to activate your account again from here.

6. You will see a successful green message. That means your account has been created. Sign in with email and password.

7. Once signed in, your Dashboard will open. To get the Premium account, click on Redeem Points.

8. Click on Redeem Reward from here. By clicking here you will get a premium account for 365 days.

9. You will see a Success message.

10. Go to the Dashboard and see your account has become Premium.

How to add website or YouTube link?

1. From the Dashboard, click My websites.

2. Enter your website address in the picture shown below. In Traffic Source, select Directly. And decide how many seconds you want to visit in Visit Duration.

Just select Direct Direct on Traffic Source and the user will directly visit your website or youtube video. If you select Direct on Traffic Source, then no one can understand how visitors are coming (even Google and Youtube will not understand).

Because the website url in the address bar of the browser will appear exactly as the visitor comes in 100% Legal Even on your website or YouTube Analytics, you will also see Direct in Traffic Source.  


3. Decide how many visas you want in the hour. Then click Submit.


4. Now your website will be checked automatically and if all is well then the software will be added to it.

5. Scroll down the My websites page to see the websites you have added.

How to Earn Minutes?

1. Click on Earn Traffic from the Dashboard.

2. After clicking on Earn Traffic, a new window will open. In this window, the website and youtube videos will be sent directly to them. This window can not be closed because close to this window will stop earning your minutes. Keep Real View Software and new window open to earn money.

Dashboard Contact:

You can see your account information and minutes on the right side of the Real View Software’s Dashboard page. Keep an eye on Announcements to get new information about the software.

Contact Any Problem Real View Software

Email: realviewsoftware@mail.com

As it is the first version of the software Real View 1.0 Free Premium Account for Beta Testing is available in version 1.0. But later versions are updated, but your accounts are premium.

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