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How to choose a career. Is a subject better as a carrier? Have you ever thought about your future?

How to choose a career

Hello webseobest friends, how are you all? Hopefully it’s good to be in the new sweetheart breakfast. I am the  IT Chief   , with your carrier to talk about your confusion and current trends. Sit down with prepressions as you can in 15-20 minutes.

This tune is to revitalize your life and career, to set-up life again. I will give you the idea, you are responsible for the decision. Why do not you read anywhere, no matter what you do, the tune will teach you to think again. As well as introduction of some present-day thinking ideas. On the other hand, it will be difficult to show you some way. If you have planned or plan to do something different or creative, then you are welcome. Let’s go back to the original topic by going to the speaker. Before making any particular decision or tuition, there is a request to read the tune.

What Is Carrier:

Oxford Dictator has given the carrier a chance, “Course or progress through life”. That is, the career is the combination of your life’s education and formal education, its financial / economic and future motive power. But do something that will benefit your future generation and your work. But not everyone can always do that. Many can say that the brother can not go on his own, so how to keep something in the head? Let’s know slowly.

Another thing, all the things mentioned here are from the experience of having these years of IT life. If something does not match your opinion, then you can skip it, or let me know in the tumement. It will benefit me, you and others too.

Career Tips by Imran Topu Sardar

To build a successful career, read a subject

Everyone will say that you like it. I have a friend, and I like to spend my whole life on St. Martin’s Island. Others say that I like to sleep. Then?

In total, finding a subject that is in demand, you do not have to take bother to read, learn, or time behind it. Does anyone have it birth? I will not say Our Maximam family does not even imagine the boy making anything other than doctors and mechanics. But why do doctors want to make an engineer? (Though they do not know what they want to be in a sector.)

The main reason is that they are seeing economical self-reliance from their childhood (engineer or doctor). How do we know about some other / other carrier? For example, the university’s teacher or the managing director or senior officer of a company, senior officer of the defense, authors, artists, artisan journalist Yevgen, owns a company, what are they as bad as a profession.

Career Guideline

In fact, we should choose a profession that has the opportunity to showcase its needs. Seeing how much salary is available, but life will not go away. For this reason, people want to look behind the man after a while and find out what he did in this long life. And then the money becomes secondary. My brother gets more than 50 thousand jobs at an academic administrative level, but he wants to do something else. Why do not you know that there is less power to hold his match. If you have to give importance to your choice?

Now let’s find out how your choice is. For the sake of knowing your choice, you have to learn to fight. As you do not feel bad to sit in front of your computer, the computer will make my career. You do not know, however, this computer can do a different job over a hundred. For example, Software Engineering, Web Programming, Hardware Engineering, Networking etc.

Again, there is a steady share of it again. For example, PHP, Python, ASP.Net, Front end, Back-end, Bla Bla … that means you need to be specific. What you really want to learn or what you are interested in. To know it, you need to know about something else. Now the question is how to find out? It’s a golden opportunity for you who are still studying at the ASSC or University level.

If you read this in the previous class, then you have a lot of sleeping in the gold, you have more time to find yourself. And read something at this time, learn, take a research, read various autobiographies. Just playing games and Facebook on your mobile will not find your choice. You have to do Google, you have to read. Read more books, learn how to get out of text books.

Career Tips by Imran Topu Sardar 2

Many people inboxing on Facebook (a bit more, tuned for the reason of the day), the future of any programming is more demanding? Actually we know that no language is less demanding. Good careers can be made in all things. You just need to be an expert. You will not find any people saying that I know this thing on a computer or in another area, but I do not get any work.

We know computers, but do not know what the computer knows. We can not show any evidence of what we know. If you can not build a sample or portfolio that works, then how will you get the job? You can not show any proof that you know how well you do. That means you have to create a nice portfolio of your work.  😎

You do not believe that only a person who can design a good one day or two circular or pastoral message is not coming. I do not get it. Good PHP, Python or Designer needs a person who has a salary of 50 thousand plus, but no one can fulfill the recurment. Brother is not outside the country, experts in our country are very important. They are very lacking in these countries.

Even the good English knows or the lack of people who know Math, too much in this country. It can lead to better leadership, a new plan can raise a company’s brand value, and people who can raise cell targets have to hire from outside our country. You do not believe, how big tune is to hire experienced people from outside the country in our country. However, these companies / international organizations-organizations are forced to go abroad without getting an experienced man in our country.

Career Tips by Imran Topu Sardar 3

What do you learn?

➡  Let me start with my own example, I can not say so far, I’m about to make a career. That is, I can not say that I’m skilled at the specifier of the market, but I’m going to some extent now, which one I’m moving in the future. As a result, I am losing the job of developing, designing, virtual assistants, content development – marketing and search engine.

Even thinking of creating a huge resource. Although I know that there is a knowledge that I have about to carry on roughly these issues. Yet big brothers, Evan, some younger brothers are so skilled, I still do not have the courage to say I am skilled. While learning new things / techniques every time I try to cover it.

However, since someone has been admitted to a coaching center, I am a programmer, I’m a designer, I am a marketing person. After Facebook, PO-ST is giving it to Facebook. Remember one thing, our nature is manifested before we develop. Even before that we want to earn money. That’s not right. Therefore, I will tell you a few things, keep learning, then you will understand that you are doing well, you feel good, if you drive it for 1/2 years you will learn that you have learned many things.

Getting a lot of work is not your certificate. Day is not 2-3 years time. Do not believe me to see me. But gradually learn a specific work, learn more, deeper, create sambhal. Look at the job at your fingertips. And the money is not less than that of the fast-working job holders in Bangladesh. If you do not get the work done after completing the above thing or you can not tamat down, then understand. I’ll handle your work arrangements.

Just remember, do not be published before being developed. And do not imagine that income before it develops.

Career Tips by Imran Topu Sardar 3

Brother wants to read computer science, web design teaches here

Have a lot of questions lately, the future of computer science is the same as before. What is the web design here? Which one can I earn within 5-6 months? Can I learn typing? Well, how much money can be paid when reading computer science? I did not like graphic designs here? I hear when CSE starts income? Does any IT training center in Bangladesh teach? What is the answer?

There is a huge range of computer science, here’s a small part of web design, and it’s so small that 1% of subjects do not even fall into computer science curriculum. Here is the computer scientist curriculum curriculum of Dhaka University  , all universities of Bangladesh follow this curriculum of all IT Subjects . Maybe one or two topics can be either indirectly or read in other names. See, there is no topic of technology taught here. But if you do not try it yourself then you will not get anything without a certificate from here. For this reason, many people, besides the certificate, are hiring the sector and will also show in the future. Because there is no value without preliminary knowledge.  🙁

If you learn about any of the small issues (such as programming or web programming or designing or more specifics), then computer science can teach you as much as you can, you will not have to look back in life. Because day-to-day (Earth’s destruction), the demand for any computer related needs will be greatly increased. But that should be proficient in your hands, buy notes and memorize and skip the certificate.

Believe me, many graduates now have job applications as typists in government institutions. They also get computer science graduates. That means that you do not have to read computer science or read it, you have to be skilled, you have to learn, you have to know the practical issues. You have to read different types of books, you need to learn to tune into the IT trends in different countries of the world.

Career Tips by Imran Topu Sardar 5

Do not wear computer science, but you can create IT carrier

I have already said a lot about this earlier. But again, remember that computer science has no importance in academic study. As a student of computer science, I understand that the university destroys the amount of time that the firmari (assignment, lab, viva, which does not conform to the reality), for the sake of maintenance, if there was a perfect time, someone believed that the world was the best. But I will not say if I leave study. There are also many lessons from the community. Just like this, you have to have technical issues like computer science, as well as you have the need of hand pen.

So, after starting the study, will I start learning something from IT?

I am always in the drop outs group, because they have more real knowledge [the end of graduation is beneficial in the context of Bangladesh, when it does not matter what time it comes].  If you can get institutional education, but be prepared for some matters. For example, if you want, read better universities around the world, or do the jobs in the government IT sector of the country. However, if you only want to work in freelancing or Bangladesh or any private IT sector in the world, then it is important to have a job than your certificate.  🙄

In total, if you have the opportunity to study, then definitely finish it and keep up with IT immediately. If the result is bad, you do not come. And if you can be confident and pursuing just to be an expert, then please tell me nothing will stop you.

IT Carrier Imran Topu Sardar

I have successfully completed the course from the Government’s Learning and Arining Program or elsewhere

I never talk about this. If you want to, just start learning yourself. It does not make sense to waste some time on those side. Though we can not cope with the temptation to get free. Remember, learning is important in your computer science, and here it is. And those who teach here (many of my acquaintances) are here as a job holder. If you have the opportunity then read another way (google, youtube).

Maybe there will be some cost for Internet connection. But those who teach with 6-month-1 year hope, remember that they are not correct. Then, for 16-17 years, nobody used to study. As a 15-year wait for academic study, one can earn 20-25 thousand taka, and again 10 to 15 lakh rupees with greed. Because of this, there is no restriction on spending 2-3 years and spending millions of money. If it is arranged around 50 without a blemish.

According to the experts, what is the most demanding subject?

The importance of all the technical subjects is very high and the cost of formal study will be reduced day by day. That’s why he teaches in the manual and find the subject that is needed for the world. There are some topics that can be useful for creative plus leadership or current needs – such as disaster management, nursing, self-reliant agricultural science and firms, development studies, business marketing.

But do not just read for certificates anywhere, take extra knowledge, you will be moving forward from the subject. Others are leading the team. One more suggestion: Give Facebook a little more time on Facebook. Ask questions / questions as you like Google. Just like me or us. We can give you a wrong guideline but Google will never give it. At the end of the day Larry Page and Sergio   will want to thank Brin for making the universe of the universe in one place.🙂

I do not want to have a career in computer science

What is needed Demand is more? Read more on the subject at the university. There are many jobs for which there is no technical knowledge. But study. Not only academic but also the mind who wants to You never know when you got a good look. Got a good job opportunity. Now you can read what you can read. There are also Google for that. Write your interest in topics with topics of interest.

See hundreds of results. Just Harvard’s teacher, Stanford’s teacher, they are giving tips to you. Do you need anything else? Do not just look for the elder brother all the time, the elder brothers who have done good in this regard today also came to the same level. If you learn to do good work, the elder brothers are inviting you to different programs. Actually it is a matter of interest and need to find out with intelligence. The rest is hard work.


Your Imran Topu Sardar Career Tips

Some favorite quotes.

“I always thought money was something to make me happy. But I’ve learned that I feel better, I have never had anything. than me actually having it for myself. ” -Kendrick Lamar

“If you want to shine like a sun, first burn like a sun.” 

“Man needs his difficulties, because he is necessary to enjoy success.” – APJ Abdul Kalam

Find yourself out of the other’s thoughts and do not survive. Remember, we can always find jobs from the savings side (like government jobs), but we can not see how big a world is outside of it. Do not try hard, but once, do not stay 1-2 years. This is your life, it is not possible to get back second time. Remember, starting a new thing by hardship means that people around you will want to know from you, accept as a mentor.

There will be very few people / friends in your circles who are doing some exemplary work like you. It’s a little late but not too bad, just like the true story of this bamboo bamboo . 😛  Think about something that your neighborhood or many people can not imagine.


Think alternatives:

My all-time favorite quote Think Different . And well, Steve Jobs’s stanford convincing is one of the coolest things in the collection. Google can also get it. I have rarely seen such good writing about education, career and life.

And what I was saying, think alternatives. Do not do anything else why keep things as alternatives. It may also be studied. Which will work for you in the day of danger, stand side by side as your second income source. Because you will not fall. You have to stand up as much trouble as you can. That is why life is enjoyable. You can use Follow me as a Facebook option . Some Facebook activists created this by predicting the bad aspects of Facebook (there is a debate). The real thing is that you have to keep updated knowledge from anywhere, you need to learn. Only then will you go ahead

Last word

Again, the carrier does not mean that the money is not income, the carrier does not mean it is not worth doing for money. Career means to try as much as possible of your choice, if necessary, work semi-preferred. Just remember, the satisfaction of being able to help one or two people along with money income is different.

So brother Brother, you can tell your next career plan through our tuition. Maybe some good guideline can be found there from me or from the experts Be the best of all and stay with the best always. Tuit me if you want to ask me. I’ll be back in time, and yes I ‘m on Facebook too . And many big tunes are unintentional error-racking. thanks to everyone.

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